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Imaginuity Community Connect
Quick Reference Guide

Enable residents to get the information they want.

When and where they want it.


Imaginuity has created Imaginuity Community Connect (ICC), a deployable Voice-assistant Device (Amazon, Google, Apple) skill platform for use with municipalities.

The ICC skill platform will integrate with your city's website and allow residents or non-residents (users) the ability to interact with the following content areas.

  • News
  • Events
  • Newsletters
  • Road Closures/Traffic
  • Emergency Alerts

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Download our Voice-assistant Adoption Rate white paper.

ICC Integration Timeline

Imaginuity estimates that it will take 4 – 6 weeks from signature of this agreement to launch of the service.

ICC Payment Structure

A one-time license fee of $7,900, plus applicable sales tax.

A one-time ICC Service configuration and setup fee billed at $165/hr., plus applicable sales tax. Estimated cost of configuration and setup fee is $3,000, but actual fee may vary based on actual hours).  

A monthly ICC Service hosting and maintenance fee (based on the table below) plus applicable sales tax.

The licensing fee quoted above covers the inclusion of the Google Home appliance (scheduled to launch Q1 2017). One-time ICC Service configuration and set up fees associated with Google Home integration will be billed as outlined above.

The licensing fee quoted above also covers the inclusion of the Apple HomePod appliance (scheduled to launch Q1 2018). One-time ICC Service configuration and set up fees associated with Apple HomePod integration will be billed as outlined above.

The monthly cost of the ICC Service is based on the number of residents in the municipality as follows:


Lower Population Limit

Upper Population Limit

Monthly Cost

0 Residents

35,000 Residents

$300.00 per month

35,001 Residents

50,000 Residents

$400.00 per month

50,001 Residents

100,000 Residents

$500.00 per month

100,001 Residents

250,000 Residents

$600.00 per month

250,001 Residents

500,000 Residents

$700.00 per month

500,001 Residents

750,000 Residents

$800.00 per month

750,001 Residents

1,000,000 Residents

$900.00 per month

1,000,001 Residents

1,250,000 Residents

$1,000.00 per month

1,250,001 Residents

1,500,000 Residents

$1,500.00 per month

1,500,001 Residents

2,000,000 Residents

$2,000.00 per month

2,000,001 Residents

5,000,000 Residents

$2,500.00 per month

5,000,000 Residents


$3,500.00 per month